Nature Walks


There are many areas of French Island which make perfect short or longer walks, whether coastal, heath or woodland.

French Island is large, nearly twice the size of Phillip Island, so often needs transport to reach these areas.

French Island is home to 580 indigenous species of plants and is well known for its native orchids of which over 105 species have been found on the Island. Several of these are endemic to French Island. Orchids are to be found in abundance from September through to March. However not all species are to be found at all times. 

230 species of birds have been observed on French Island, including several rare species such as the white bellied sea eagle and the king quail.

If you or your club is wanting a walking day, including Devonshire tea at Bayview Chicory Kiln, phone for a booking.

Price is $12 per person (includes bus transport and Devonshire tea).


Birds, wild orchids and much more ...

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